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The Anduze Jar
Jarres d'Anduze
Item #PJ9

Anduze, France


The Green Jars of Anduze possibly rival Jarres de Biot in Popularity among the few collectors who can obtain one or the other..or both! These giant Storage Jars in a strong emerald glaze of Anduze were used for storing Oil or Olives in Transportation or barns. The workmanship and the form is unparalled in this genre of green 'jarres du Midi'. The poteries ranged from 18 inches to over 3 feet in height and the thickness of the piece added to the impact of these solid giant green jarres d'autrefois. This group that I present has some of the finest example of this genre that have ever been offered...anywhere! They run the gamut in age as well, 1790 - 1850. The jars are all in wonderful condition as they were made to last but... it is rare to find them in the US for two reasons. Bien sur, they are coveted by many in France and in fact, all over the world. Truly, the expense of the shipping alone is incredibly high as with very old poteries,they are very heavy. These jars, in my opinion, are some of the most exquisite examples of this genre.

Jaunes et Vertes along with its wide selection of rare poteries, also represents this finest private collection of Terres Vernissées from France owned by JC Mocellin of Paris. Because of our expertise at J&V, M. Mocellin felt most comfortable with our art dealership that is dedicated only to the history of this antique art form.
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Series of 4 Museum Pots A Confit
Series de 4 Pots A Graisse de la Musee A Chateau
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Pots A Confit

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Grand Pot A Confit Vert

Stunning Pot A Confit
Pot A Confit Etat Parfait
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Museum Green Confit Pot
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Rare Tornac Jars
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Rare All Green Confit Pot
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The Anduze Jar
Jarres d'Anduze
Item #PJ9

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Museum St Jean Confit Pot
Grand Pot à Graisse de St. Jean de Fos
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Pot A Confit with Green Drips
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Pot a Confit, with Green
.Pot a Confit Couleurs
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ROund Confit Pot
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Stunning Large Yellow Confit Pot
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Grand Pot A Olives
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Gigantic Confit Pot
Grand Pot A Confit,
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Green Pot A Confit
Pot A Confit Vert
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Savoie Conserve Pot
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Jaspe Jardiniere
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Stunning Green Pot A Confit:
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Perfect 13 Inch Pot A Confit ..
Pot A Confit Formidable

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