Jaunes et Vertes Antique French Glazed Pottery
Les Pots et Les Jarres
Confit Pots
Pots A Confit

Sud-Ouest, Languedoc et Aquitaine


1780 - 1870
Jaunes et Vertes has such a vast collection of Confit Pots in all shapes and size as well as colors...we would be hard pressed to show them all on this menu page for 'Les Pots'. Please contact us if you would like to see other Confits pots that are always available. It is important to note that all our COnfit Pots are either from J&V's massive collection that was started in the late 80s or..they have been found in private collections or by luck at some of the big antique fairs in the South of France. Each Pot is thoroughly examined by Elias who can date and more times than not, give you its provenance. This is what our Private Collectors enjoy as they know not one poterie is offered unless Elias has found it himself..or it comes from the private collection here at J&V. This is in direct contrast to Confit Pots offered on other sites and shops where the dealers are simply not experts in this specific field and thus...Confit Pots tend to pass as 19thC and usually are very late 19thC at the best and more likely early 20thC. If authenticity and quality are important in your purchase of a Pot A Confit...you've come to the right place.

For all information regarding this piece; please contact us at the following:

Clients: Elias@jaunesetvertes.com
Guests: Sales@Jaunesetvertes.com

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Jaunes et Vertes;Poteries Franšaises

Series of 4 Museum Pots A Confit
Series de 4 Pots A Graisse de la Musee A Chateau
Item #P606

Confit Pots
Pots A Confit

Large Castelnaudary Green Pot
Grand Pot A Confit Vert

Stunning Pot A Confit
Pot A Confit Etat Parfait
Item# PJ763

Museum Green Confit Pot
Pot Ó Confit Formidable

Rare Tornac Jars
Jarres de Tornac
Item #PJ7

Rare All Green Confit Pot
Grand Pot A Confit ; Tout Vert
Item no# PJ666

The Anduze Jar
Jarres d'Anduze
Item #PJ9

1806 Anduze Medici Jar
Anduze Jarre Signe Par Gauthier
Item #PJ88

Museum St Jean Confit Pot
Grand Pot Ó Graisse de St. Jean de Fos
Item #PJ13c

Huge Mustard Confit Pot with Green Drips
Grand Pot A Confit avec Couleurs Verts
Item #PJ555

Giant Confit Pot with Blue and Green Drips
Pot A Confit Topissme
Item# PJ778

Pot A Confit with Green Drips
Pot A Confit avec Coulees Verts
Item #PJ87

Pot a Confit, with Green
.Pot a Confit Couleurs
Item# PJ545

ROund Confit Pot
Pot a Confit Ronde
Item #PJ720

Stunning Large Yellow Confit Pot
Grand Pot Ó Confit
Item #PJ22c

Grand Pot A Olives
Rare Pot A Olives Provencal
Item# PJ608

Gigantic Confit Pot
Grand Pot A Confit,
Item# PJ116a

Green Pot A Confit
Pot A Confit Vert
Item # P788

Savoie Conserve Pot
Pot A Conserver Savoyard
Item # PJ792

Jaspe Jardiniere
Vase de Castelnaudary

Green Pot A Confit 9 inches
Pot A Confit Vert
Item #PJ777c

Stunning Green Pot A Confit:
Pot A Confit Ancien :
Item #Pj 753

Perfect 13 Inch Pot A Confit ..
Pot A Confit Formidable

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