Jaunes et Vertes Antique French Glazed Pottery
Les Cruches
Green Cruche de Tete
Cruche de Tete du Tarn Formidable
Item #C24a4

Tarn, France

Au debut de la 19es
When a potier made a cruche out of the ordinary it was only by 'sur mesure' (by order), each extra detail making the piece more expensive and prestigious to own. Today, the Cruches that had 'Anses Torsades or with an added side anse' added to a cruche are considered the most beautiful and among collectors the most coveted. To find one is indeed as rare as the piece, itself. J&V has just found 2 'Cruches A Tete' from a private collection that are museum quality This stunning brilliant emerald green cruche de tete has the rarest of the rare, 4 wonderfully shaped handles and a spout in a beautiful applied design classic of the early to mid-19thC. It sits at just under 14 inches in H and 13 inches across, Possible never found again. There are flames of yellow on either side. The Cruche de Tete was used to carry water from a daily water source each day..back to the kitchen for the la vie quitodienne. And oui..it is called 'Cruche de Tete (Head Cruche) or 'Dourne' because the women carried these on their heads down to the river,well ..etc.. and then home on top of their head,too. One of the top forms in 'Terre Vernissee'. We had not found any of these coveted pieces for a very long time! Museum piece.

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Jaunes et Vertes;Poteries Franšaises
Jaunes et Vertes Antique French Glazed Pottery

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