Jaunes et Vertes Antique French Glazed Pottery
Les Pichets
St Onge Oil Bottle
Bouteille d'Huile de SaintOnge
Item #P323

SaintOnge, France

End of the 18thC to 1820's
This is from the 'lot' of three magnificent examples of this form that I managed to procure from the 'Chateau de Pruines' : Musee de Poteries'. They run from 11.5 - 13.5 inches. This is the 11 inch form. More about this form,now.

These bottles for storing oil, called 'SaintOnge Bottles' or 'Bouteilles de saintOnge, could be found throughout areas of Aquitaine along the coast. Perhaps this influenced this unique green that is almost an unearthly olive-aquamarine glaze color. The Striking Sea Green on this boutielle make it one of the most outstanding JV has ever procured. I've always found the poteries de saintOnge to have a sense of mystery as after all, this small area was not far from the land that Merlin and the Knights of the Roundtable roamed. Thus it would be fitting for these pieces all to have a special 'Je ne sais quoi?'. The form is close to a long narrow tubular shape that opens as it reaches the top near the handle and spout, a primitive shape like the plongeon. It was used for centuries to store oil not only from weather and the elements and vermin...but also the effects of the sea. The Bouteilles are not found in the U.S. very often but when they are, it is usually in the medium size. It was to my surprise, in going to France in 1990, that I learned of the different sizes and how many people of the region had kept them in sets. En fait, there were 5 sizes ranging from 7 - 24 inches. This is towards the medium size at 11 inches. The look is breathtaking.
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